Blois sur Seille

A hidden valley of outstanding beauty


Visit the abbey, cascades and caves

Lac De Chalain

Swimming, beaches and more

In the area


Stunning views
There are several lovely walks from the door, both gentle and strenuous. Saunter along the path to the mill and beyond , or walk up through the wood to Chaumois Boivin and see the lovely view of the village from the belvedere, before descending via the path through the woods behind the cottage. Walk across the plateau to Grange-sur-Baume and see, not only the stunning view of the abbey below but the ancient, tear-drop shaped shepherds’ shelters, then on to the spectacular Cirque de Baume. Climb up the wooded path to Chateau Chalon and reward yourself with lunch.


Abbey and Caves
Use a map to find several good walks here. The view from the belvedere at Crancot is worth seeking out. As well as the beautiful Abbey to explore, there is the dramatic waterfall to see on the way to the caves. It’s at its most breathtaking, needless to say, after rain. Take the steps to the right of the waterfall and see the river which feeds it. Alternatively, you can go on to the area of the grottes and walk next to the river and back down to the waterfall. A tour of the grottes is really worthwhile. It lasts about 45 mins and you need a jacket even on a hot day.


Vinyards and views
Wander round this beautiful village, with its stunning views over the vineyards to the surrounding chateaux, towns and villages and right over to Burgundy. Discover the old church and the ruins of the nunnery which admitted only noble women who had 16 aristocratic forbears’ emblems on their coats of arms!


Magical chateau
This is in a superb setting and although the chateau is not usually open, the grounds and exterior of the house may be visited. We were lucky enough to catch a tour of a small part of the chateau with the very elderly Comtesse, which was memorable ! There is magical avenue of lime trees near the little chapel.The nearby Grotto is of interest. A pretty route to Frontenay is from Chateau Chalon and through Menetru but it is easy to find from Domblans too.


18th century chateau
The medieval site has an 18th century chateau and some winding footpaths to explore. There is also friendly,informative wine-tasting’


Astonishing waterfalls
An absolute must! There is a choice of walks of varying difficulty beside some astonishing waterfalls. Take signs to the falls from Doucier, turn onto the D326 and park at the Eventail carpark. From there, the main path takes you to all the cascades. Do wear sensible footwear ! See relevant pamphlet and map in the house.


An interesting old town about 40 mins. away. You can visit the house where Louis Pasteur was brought up and to which he returned regularly throughout his life. There are some excellent restaurants and a famous choclatier, Hirsinger. Good boulangerie a few doors away. Town walk.

An attractive old town about 40 mins away and Pasteur’s birthplace. There is a Pasteur museum in the house in which he was born, interesting artefacts related to the tanners and some lovely 18th century buildings and pleasant river walks.

This is a small, friendly spa town with little fountains in the main square which the children love to run in and out of. Great new swimming pool – indoor and outdoor with a sliding roof–but boys have to wear speedo type trunks- not shorts! On the Place de La Liberte you will find Pelen with its delicious chocolates and scrummy cakes. They have refurbished their upstairs salon, so a good place to indulge on a dull day. The historic rue du Commerce with its covered walkways and interesting shops has a romantic ambience, particularly in the evening. The traditional spa baths , the theatre, the the colourful market on Thursday mornings are all worth going to.

The large county town about an hour away. Vauban’s Citadel, the zoo and museums make this a good day out for a family. Plenty of information in the house.

Renowned for its cheese, this historic little town has a Maison du Comte and a cheese festival, too.

Full of beautiful, historic buildings and good shopping and restaurants. An hour from Blois-sur-Seille.

Do go to the Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans with its zany gardens and Ledoux’ s great architecture.

Chateau Chalon

Local activities

Near Doucier – about 20 mins from Maison McDonald – good swimming from a sandy beach with pedalos, canoes and sailing boats available for hire. Excellent Pizzeria Le Lacustra ,serving a variety of dishes is close.

Cascades du Herisson

Water skiing and swimming approx 40 mins from Maison McDonald. Sophisticated water sports area on a 44kms. lake.

Fay-en-Montagne 03 84 85 32 07. As well as a choice of horses for hire, Jean-Louis Perrard has great evening trips into the forest with a carriage in July and August.

Pont de Navoy, 03 84 51 27 44. One or three hour trips down the river Ain. Take a picnic and be picked up and returned to your car. Swim en route and suitable for all ages . Les Magiciens D’Eau at Mesnois. Gite De La Praz. Further details are in the cottage.

In the trees at Lac de Chalain. Excellent one at Forts Aventure near Salins-les-Bains. 03 84 73 06 79. Also an enjoyable one at Clairvaux Les Lacs Aventure.

Golf Du Val De Sorne 03 84 43 04 80. An 18 hole course in what is claimed to be one of the most attractive courses in France ! There is a short course there, too, of 6 holes.

There are many beautiful walks in the area, and lots of information in Maison McDonald. In the valley, look out for wild strawberries, little orchids, unfamiliar butterflies, deer, wild boar, kites, buzzards, kingfishers, alpine swifts, black squirrels with red tails and so on.


LE GRAND JARDIN, Baume-les-Messieurs. 03 84 44 68 37
Just in the next valley and popular with the locals. We go there more frequently than any other restaurant and it is the favourite of our holiday- makers. Didier is an excellent chef and Christine speaks a little English. There are a few tables outside but next to the road, which isn’t very busy except at the height of the summer season.

CHEZ JANINE, Nevy-sur-Seille 03 84 48 43 78

In the next village, popular, informal restaurant with friendly, fun owners. There are two dining rooms and a pretty, covered outside terrace . Parking available at the mairie.

LE BISTRO PONTARLIER  Port Lesney  03 84 37 83 27
One of Raymond Blanc’s favourites, set next to the river Loue. It is casual and friendly with superbly cooked food. Traditional French country cooking in a cosy, sprawling bistro and a large terrace. Well worth the 38minute drive from the cottage! Owned by the same people who have the wonderful Chateau de Germigney up the road.

LE BOUCHON DU CHATEAU, Chateau Chalon 03 84 25 18 60

Fine dining in an inspiringly designed, restoration of an old building. The chef is passionate about food and his dishes are excellent. Lovely restaurant to go to for a special occasion, or to enjoy their excellent set menu more often

Very good choice of menus from a notable chef in an elegant dining room, Au Verbe Aimer. Well-prepared dishes, beautifully presented